1.1 All fuel beds, especially pebbles, do discolour with use and can have a build-up of soot. These are naturally occurring situations and are not a fault. Heavy soot marks can be brushed away with a clean paint brush or brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. Fuel beds may crack with use and is again normal and not a fault. Replacement fuel bed items are available to purchase from our accessories department
1.2 New gas appliances must be run on full for over 12 hours (not consecutively) to remove any excess dyes, chemicals or paints used as part of the manufacturing process. A strange odour may be present during this period and is normal. Once this initial burn off process has been achieved, any gas appliance should be run on full for at least 15 minutes each time it is lit. This is to warm the chimney/flue system to ensure proper function. It is recommended that where possible the pilot light on your appliance is left on at all times. This increases the life expectancy of the ignition circuit and helps maintain a healthy damp free flue system as well as reducing the warm up time of your appliance
1.3 Ceramic fibre, concrete and metal firebacks will discolour with use and require cleaning periodically
1.4 Batteries may fail and need replacement and are excluded from warranty. Leaving the pilot light on with a remote or digital controlled appliance will increase battery life as the ignition process is very draining on batteries
1.5 Fire fronts, frets, frames and control knobs may get hot through use and may discolour over time
1.6 Colours of goods may vary from showroom items or samples as part of any manufacturing process and is not a fault
1.7 Electric appliances can make a noise when turned on as they are fan/motor driven
1.8 Fan/power flued appliances do have an extraction noise when in use
1.9 Fan/power or balanced flued appliances are open to outside elements and like a conventional chimney, may have noise/draughts when not in use.
1.10 For safety we recommend your gas products are serviced annually. Please contact our after sales department to arrange your service.
1.11 Foundry products are imperfect by nature and will contain faults and flaws as part of the manufacturing process. Exposed cast iron can rust on the surface when open to moisture in the atmosphere, this is normal and can be cleaned off using various cleaning methods. All metals require cleaning periodically. Please visit our accessories department to purchase different cleaning products
1.12 Due to the high temperatures associated with some appliances, plaster cracking can occur near the appliance area. If you plan to wallpaper around a heating appliance we recommend using specialist heat proof wallpapers to reduce the risk of scorching or curling. Blown vinyl type papers should never be used. Plaster cracking is also synonymous with gas appliances fitted in older pre-cast flues and is not a fault of the appliance and is unavoidable.
1.13 Glass screens on appliances will need cleaning periodically and you should refer to your product manual for instructions
1.14 Light bulbs may fail and need replacement and are excluded from warranty
1.15 LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) burners and ceramics are highly vulnerable to soot and fuel deposits. Light coloured fuel beds, especially pebbles are not advised on these products
1.16 Metal flue liners can cause additional noise as they are open to the outside elements
1.17 Most brass products tarnish with heat and all materials require cleaning periodically
1.18 Natural materials have natural marks, fossils, blemishes, veining and imperfections/flaws which cannot be avoided. Natural materials may have minor repairs to them as part of the manufacturing process. These are not faults and add to the uniqueness of any natural product. Natural products are porous and should be treated with care. Cleaning materials and protections are available to purchase from our accessories department
1.19 Natural materials, especially stone, can take up to 4 weeks to dry out after installation. During this time your product may appear patchy in different areas. This is due to liquids used in manufacturing or moisture from the atmosphere that has been trapped in the material whilst packaged and is normal.
1.20 Painted items may be damaged if masking tape is applied to them whilst decorating
1.21 Chimneys and flues can have debris fall down them. This debris can land on and even damage your appliance. We recommend having your chimney/flue cleaned prior to any installation, especially for hole in the wall or open top appliances. Artisan Fireplace Design Ltd cannot be held responsible for debris falls after installation or any subsequent damage
1.22 Tiled items may crack under the surface giving an almost crazy paving type appearance. This is through normal use and is not a fault.
1.23 Artisan guarantee any workmanship carried out by our own installers for a 2 year period from the installation date. This does not include deliberate or accidental damage to any part of the installation. Any call out made and consequently found to be none genuine warranty work will be charged at our standard call out rates. Please note that our warranty is for our own workmanship and not for any product faults which are covered by their own manufacturer’s warranty as detailed in any manufacturers’ documentation
1.24 Our installation includes any minor patch plastering around the fireplace opening unless stated otherwise overleaf. If you are painting the wall after installation, we recommend you have the wall fully skimmed to avoid any wash lines in the plaster work being visible. Please ask for a quotation if you require this doing as part of our installation
1.25 We require the customer to be onsite on the day of installation to discuss any final details and options and to sign off any work carried out at the end of the installation
1.26 Like most other contractors, we have no waste disposal facilities and are unable to dispose of your old fire/fireplace, your new fire/fireplace packaging or any rubble/debris created as part of your installation. Any items left on site will be placed in a neat and tidy manner for your disposal. Most local councils will arrange to take larger items away at your request or you can dispose of them for free at your local household waste site. For larger installations we would recommend that you provide a skip for use on the day of the installation
1.27 Gas pipes around the immediate vicinity of the fireplace opening are moved or concealed as required. Longer gas runs requiring 1m or more of gas pipe or sourced from another part/room of the property are not included as part of any installation and are a chargeable extra
1.28 Old back boilers need to be drained and decommissioned by a qualified plumber before installation. We will take out any dead back boiler at the time of installation if necessary
1.29 Please ensure that you have any required electrical work carried out before we are due to install. This work must be carried out by an approved and registered electrician and must be to current regulations. Artisan are unable to install new mains wiring and can only connect to existing supplies such as a fused spur or plug socket
1.30 Please ensure that all required mains services such as gas or electricity are turned on & available prior to our installation date. If services are not active and a re-visit is required to finish any installation then an additional labour charge may be made
1.31 Any additional flue work or flue parts are not included in your installation unless stated overleaf. If any such parts are needed then they will be added to your final invoice total
1.32 OUTSTANDING PAYMENTS – The ‘Artisan balance due’ is payable 3 days before your installation date, this can be paid by either cash/cheque/card, a member of the admin team will call you to collect this. If the payment is not made before your installation date your installation will be postponed until the payment is made, once payment has been received an alternative date will be arranged. Artisan cannot guarantee when this date will be and can not be held responsible for any costs or losses incurred as a result of any delay in installation. The ‘Direct payment to installer’ is payable upon satisfactory completion of the works, this can be paid direct to the installer by either cash or cheque.
1.32a If payment is not received as per terms agreed, the installation will be postponed and we reserve the right to re-charge an extra fitters fee. Direct payment to installer has been agreed, if through no faults of the installer the installation has to be aborted or postponed, that fee must be paid in full to avoid any further fitters charges.
1.33 Artisan Fireplace Design Ltd will not accept cancellation of any confirmed order placed in store. If a customer wishes to cancel any confirmed order then Artisan Fireplace Design Ltd reserve the right to keep any deposit paid and pursue any additional costs or expenses incurred. In exceptional circumstances a credit note may be issued for future use but may be subject to an administration charge and/or restocking charge. Orders placed outside the store are subject to a 7 day cooling off period. This does not affect your statutory rights
1.33a As we do not accept cancellation of an order, we reserve the right to receive payment in full, including fitters fee and re-charge another fitting fee accordingly, if you the customer cancel or postpone your installation date.
1.34 If we are taking out your existing fire/fireplace as part of our installation and you are planning on reusing/selling it, we will make every effort to take it out without damaging it. However, if any accidental damage is incurred to your goods as part of the installation/removal we are unable to accept any responsibility for any financial loss or inconvenience caused. Should you be concerned about damage to your existing installed goods then please arrange to take them out prior to our installation date
1.35 If you have fitted carpets and are having a new fireplace installed then please arrange to have them rolled away from the installation area before our installation date. We are unable to re-fit carpets after any installation. If necessary, please arrange for your carpet fitter to follow our installers to re-fit your carpets.
1.36 In order to prevent any accidental damage to your property, please arrange to have the installation room cleared of furniture, mirrors and ornaments before our installation date. Our installers are unable to move your possessions either before or after our installation and cannot be held responsible for any damage that may arise from your possessions being in their working area
1.37 Decorative fire frets and fronts (other than integral versions) are generic items and vary in size and may have gaps between the fret and fire frame at either end and is unavoidable and not a fault
1.38 As stated overleaf we cannot be held responsible for flue failures. If such a failure occurs then any goods you have ordered will be left onsite and once you have arranged any repairs/remedial work to be carried out, Artisan will arrange a new installation date which will incur an additional labour charge. If alternate goods are to be chosen if repairs are not possible then Artisan reserve the right to charge an administration and/or re-stocking fee for any goods we may agree to take back for exchange. If a pre-installation flue test has been advised by Artisan but the customer has declined this test and the flue fails the legally required test by the installer on the day of installation then the final satisfaction payment must still be made to the installer as the failure is through no fault of theirs or Artisan’s. Failure to comply with this will result in legal procedures being taken to recover any outstanding amounts and costs incurred as well as a re-installation charge once any remedial work has been carried out by the customer
1.39 Artisan cannot be held responsible if your gas pipes and/or meter are not at an adequate working pressure and cannot provide enough gas for your appliances. Any remedial work required is not part of standard installation and is a chargeable service if carried out by Artisan Fireplaces
1.40 Seals around flue pipe joints expand and contract with heat and will crack and fall loose needing regular replacement and is not a fault. These items are not covered by warranty
1.41 Artisan Fireplace Design Ltd subcontract our installations to our own trained installers. Your installation will be registered with the relevant body and your statutory rights remain unaffected
1.42 Artisan Fireplace Design Ltd reserves the right to charge an administration fee or restocking charge for any amendments or alterations to orders placed